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Boluda tugs at work on a car carrier in the old port of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Picture by M. Leduc, May 2017

Welcome to the web site for professional Marine Engineers worldwide. Online since 1999, we have been providing information and resource to professionals and novices alike, in the maritime world.
I welcome you to discover what Marine Engineers do, and explore their important role in worldwide commercial shipping, which moves 90% of the world's trade. You will find the "site navigation" menu at the top, and a "about the site" menu at the bottom. Enjoy your stay, feel free to contact me.

Martin - Marine Engineer and Webmaster

Feature -  I am very excited to announced a financial gift of $5000 was made to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to commemorate Martin's Marine Engineering Page's 20th anniversarry. On November 19, 1999, I first uploaded the website, and it has been online and improving ever since. Much has changed, and it is easier than ever to find information on marine matters. I am still fascinated by ships and the industry, and continue to learn every day, and hopefully share with you, so we may all be just a little better professionals. Along the way I know I have helped many, and one in particular, felt the need to express what this website has meant to him, by providing a generous cash donation. You can read about this generous gift on my blog, The Monitor, and I send out a big "Thank You" to our donor!

In this Update - Many new articles of interest to Marine Engineers have been uploaded. Check out the What's New area, for a list all the new items. You can check out our forum, The Common Rail, for available jobs, troubleshoot engines and purifiers problems, among other topics. The Monitor is my blog; and my twitter account, @dieselduckster, is where I cheer all maritime matters, especially human matters.

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