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Small ferry operations in Picton, Ontario, Canada. Picture by M. Leduc, April 2014

Welcome to the web site for professional Marine Engineers worldwide. Online since 1999, we have been providing information and resource to professionals and novices alike, in the maritime world.

I welcome you to discover what Marine Engineers do, and explore their important role in worldwide commercial shipping, which moves 90% of the world's trade. You will find the "site navigation" menu at the top, and a "about the site" menu at the bottom. Enjoy your stay, feel free to contact me.

Martin - Marine Engineer and Webmaster

Feature -  Its been a tough year (+) for seafarers. Although we are use to isolation and obscurity, COVID19 has really put the screws to the wellbeing of seafarers ashore and at sea. MV Ever Given's misadventures in the Suez Canal reached the mainstream in a big way, illustrating the massive contribution that seafarers provide all corners of the globe. Before then, seafarers were treated to status of pariah, despite the spotlight, not much has changed. Sadly.

I continue to stand in solidarity for my peers around the world. It is my hope that this website helps demystify our work and the human toll seafarer, transporting the crucial trade that makes our modern lives what they are. I encourage you to do the same.

In this Update - A minor update involving memes, videos, some documents and some new stories. Tom Winkle shares with us a glimpse of life working as an engineer on the great rivers of the United States in his River Stories. As always, look for the icon, or check out the What's New area to see what's new since your last visit. The Common Rail, is the forum area for open discussion on Marine Engineering topics. The Monitor, the blog; and my twitter account, @dieselduckster, is where I cheer all maritime matters, especially human matters.


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