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I welcome you to discover what marine engineers do, and explore their important role in worldwide commercial shipping, which moves 90% of the world's goods. You will find the "site navigation" menu at the top, and a "about the site" menu at the bottom. Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me.

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In this Update - Its a big one, a bit overdue, but a big one nonetheles.
Updated the Doxford area, with a description of the Nem-Stop utilized on some Doxford engines, improving stopping speed, you can find it in the Historical Area; you'll also find an enhanced the list of Argentinian built Doxford, with pictures of the ships. There is also a couple of older books to download, on the History of ships, and Clipper Ships. Charles of N.C., USA, submitted some pictures of Sunoco fleet mates; I grouped some additional information into a new Sun Ships page.
Really cool documents and programs were uploaded on the Machinery Page, such as Project Guides for a MAN large slow speed, and a Wartsila 20. A simple CAD program, and an Engine Room Simulator; some water test equipment buying tips, and Woodward's 3161 governor manual; ABB also offers us operator tips for turbo chargers. I also uploaded a full set of line drawings of engineering systems for a large tankers and CIMAC guidelines for Low Sulphur operation.
Over in the Ship's Library, you will find more uploads to read. Some accident reports, a report on Canada's AOPS and how it's an ill conceived plan. Equasis has its 2013 world fleet report and there is an interesting paper on how shipping changed the world. In the training area, I uploaded the new TC8911 regs which have the potential to revolutionize your career if you are just starting out in Canada. Curious about yacht certification regulations for engineers, handy guide here.
Over in the Image Area, you'll find two photo books, one on the Costa Concordia Salvage, the other on Davie Yard's 717th ship, the Cecon Pride. I also added some graphics in the Lounge, and Seafaring areas, as well as an article on Indian seafarer taxes on the Tax Project area.
AT submitted some questions encountered during the 3rd Class Motors, and EK General while Aaron submitted some from his 4th Class EK Orals. IK and MH submitted some 2nd Class EK General and MH also submitted some EK Motors questions recently encountered.

Feature - I was at sea for a long voyage, so I exercised my creative mental muscle, and came up with scenario that might exist in twenty years from now, when humans are no longer crewing ships. What would "a day in the life" of a superintendent of one of these drones ships be like? Would drones really save resources? Indulge me, have a looksee at The Shipping Dead; send me your ideas and observations, especially the technical ones. 
There's also been lots of great discussions going on The Common Rail, the forum area, I also had some time to make numerous blog entries on The Monitor, hopefully you'll find them interesting.

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