Miscalculations of the Seas

These pictures were taken in Costa Maya, Mexico on April 20th 2005 following a bit of an allision with the pier. The ~78,000 grt ship is a Vision Class cruise ship belonging to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. At the time there was about 2800 pax onboard.

There are six of these ship and I have been on one of these when in Costa Maya. It is not unbelievable to see this happen. Costa Maya is challenging place to berth on a good day, let alone on a day with 17kts winds and 3kts current. The bump left the ship with a five foot high, 42 feet long gash on it’s starboard forward, about 5 feet above the water line.

Nobody was reported hurt, but the following cruise from New Orleans, had to be cut short to accommodate repairs back at her homeport.

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