Ships Collide On the Elbe River

Three ships collide in Germany17:59 2005-12-06Two ships collided in a German river, sinking one of the vessels and throwing seven of its sailors into the water, police said Tuesday. A third ship later ran into the wreckage. Tugboats pulled the sailors from the estuary of the Elbe River late Monday after a freighter carrying fertilizer collided with a container ship north of the port city of Hamburg. The freighter capsized and quickly sank. A tanker, which was also carrying fertilizer, plowed into the wreck in the dark about an hour later. Police said there was no immediate sign that any fertilizer was leaking from the 75-meter freighter “Maritime Lady,” to which divers had attached cables to stop it drifting into the channel. The container ship was able to continue its journey, while the tanker was pulled free and brought into a nearby harbor. Police were investigating the accident, according to the AP. V.Y.

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  1. Any info on hese three ships? Names of the ships, reason for the collision… rescue attempt details etc? Investigation details… Any site where this can be accessed?

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