Trihedral VTS Set To Expand

Where does this fit in the marine world?
Trihedral VTS Alarm and Monitoring and tank sounding system is fitted in ships on the East Coast and North Sea. They have also developed and retrofitted FAMP control and breaker control software on older ships.

The alarm and monitoring software is very user friendly and I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it. And to make it that much better, they are a good company to deal with. We will see what expansion does to them!! This is very good news.

Trihedral set to expand
Bedford software firm plans to create 180 high-paying jobs
By BILL POWER Business Reporter

An expansion that includes about 180 new jobs paying about $70,000 per year was announced Thursday by the Bedford software developer Trihedral Engineering Ltd.
“We’ll be looking a diverse group of talented people, including those with computer science backgrounds, professional engineers and managers,” said Glenn Wadden, president of the international operation.
The new jobs will be based at company headquarters in Bedford and will be phased in over five years.
About 25 people are expected to be hired within the year and will be working on company projects around the world.
Trihedral’s mission-critical systems software is used in control rooms throughout the world by power, oil and gas, manufacturing, security and water/waste-water management industries.
The company controls and monitors its clients’ processes using its VTScada software.
Sharp-eyed air travellers passing through United States customs preclearance at Halifax Stanfield International Airport might have noticed the VTScada software logo on monitors used by customs officers.
Mr. Wadden said about 80 per cent of the company’s work is done outside Nova Scotia, and about 70 of the company’s clients are located outside Canada. Some of these clients include Aker Kvaerner, in Europe and the United States, and Ontario Power’s generation and distribution sections.
“We plan to accelerate growth by investing heavily in research and development and adding to our sales force,” he said.
Mr. Wadden said information technology has been at the heart of his business for more than 20 years.
“We’ve found skilled labour in Nova Scotia for many years now, and we know that we can maximize our growth potential by continuing to expand in this talent-rich province,” he said.
The Nova Scotia government is contributing to the effort through Nova Scotia Business Inc. with a five-year payroll rebate capped at $2.3 million.
“This payroll rebate will ensure that Trihedral’s headquarters will continue to grow right here in Bedford,” Tourism Minister Len Goucher said of the business expansion in his Bedford constituency.
“It will create opportunities for Nova Scotia’s talented graduates and skilled workforce.”

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