Behold, the son of Posedion

A few months back, this strange looking craft made the news just about everywhere, because of its radical design and the secrecy surrounding it. Well fear not; the veil of mystery, well most of the big stuff anyways, has lifted and we now know the name and purpose of this peculiar craft.

Its called Proteus and you can visit the creators website for more details. From the website we find out the following details.

Proteus is the first full-size WAM-Vā„¢. Aptly named after an early sea-god capable of changing shape and assuming many forms, the name also suggest that Proteus is the first of its kind.


Invention and original design: Ugo Conti, Ph.D., D. Eng.
Co-design (Phase I): Antrim Associates, NA
Co-design (Phase II): Ugo Conti and Mark Gundersen
Design Software

Autodesk Inventor Professional

12 tons full load. With 2,000 gals of fuel aboard, Proteus has ocean crossings and long-range mission capabilities.

100 feet. The high length to displacement ratio and the small wet surface result in low fuel consumption even at high speeds.

50 feet. The very wide beam and low wind resistance esure a high margin of safety.

8ā€ forward and 16ā€ aft at half load. Her limited draft and inflatable hulls contribute to her maneuverability. Proteus can be beached without damage, delivering cargo or personnel.
Power Plant

Two Quantum Series QSB5.9 355 mhp by Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (picture)

TwinDisc MG-5061A marine gears and Arneson ASD 8 surface drives.

A crew of 2 can man this large vessel and has piloted Proteus over a thousand miles of ocean.

4000 lb. In this prototype, the payload is a boat with berthing for 4 and independent propulsion.
Materials and Components

Titanium, aluminum and reinforced fabrics.

The TIMET titanium springs and the structural inflatable hulls produced by Wing Inflatables ensure inherent flexibility that provides shock mitigation for crew and payload.

Sea trials are in progress. Performance details will be disclosed at a later date.

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