“Fun Ship Freddy” sheds a tear

The 8,912 dwt, 1956 UK-built passenger ship “The Topaz ” was sold last week to Indian shibreakers at $670 per ldt, with delivery at Singapore.

“The Topaz” was built as Canadian Pacific’s “Empress of Britain”, in 1975, when I was barely three years old, the ship was bought by cruise company upstart, Carnival Cruise Line. Back then they called her Carnivale, with that familiar namesake becoming synonym with the company’s corporate identity. Being one on their first ship, they had to save cost, so they kept a good portion of the CP logo, pictured above 1968, which is why the current Carnival Logo may appear so familiar to some seasoned Canadians. Here is Maritime Matters webpage on the ship, and here another webpage on the Topaz.
Here’s another pictorial history page of the Carnival Line.

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