BC Ferries moves to Cambodia

Aging Queen of Esquimalt ferry sold to buyer in China
VICTORIA – One of four B.C. ferries on the market has been sold.
Canwest News Service, Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Queen of Esquimalt has been purchased by a buyer in China, BC Ferries representative Deborah Marshall said Friday.

The company announced in January it was selling four of its oldest vessels: the Queen of Tsawwassen, Queen of Esquimalt, Queen of Saanich and Queen of Vancouver. The ferries are more than 40 years old and it’s time to replace them with newer vessels, the company said.

Negotiations have begun for the other three ferries, Marshall said. No other details are being released until the vessels are sold, which the company anticipates will happen by the fall.

Built in Victoria in 1963, the Queen of Esquimalt is a V-class ship, and sister ship to the Queen of Victoria, which was sold in 2001 to the Dominican Republic.

When it first went into service, the 130-metre long Queen of Esquimalt carried passengers between Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen and has been used recently as a relief vessel.

In 1982, the vessel was cut in half and an extra vehicle deck and new engines were installed.

M.V. Queen of Esquimalt
Place Built – VMD, Victoria, BC
Year Built – 1963
Vehicle Capacity – 286
Passenger Capacity – 1,138 (+ 27 crew)
Length – 129.97 m
Gross Tons – 9,304.07
Service Speed – 19 knots
Horsepower – 8,500

Ferryman at Flicker also has some more details. Above is a picture I took just last week of the ship, with its new name, Princess Jacqueline, at BC Ferries’ Deas Dock facility on the Fraser River.

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  1. Whoo, I wouldn’t want to make that trip! She is designed for inland waters, is she not?
    Will she even carry enough fuel for a trip like that?

  2. I thought I would let anyone who wants to know I watched Princess Jaqueline (Queen of Esquimalt) pull into Port Alberni last night at about 11:45 PM. I heard that a crew change was going to happen and she is sailing to the Orient. What day she is leaving I don’t know. For an old BC Ferry she looks pretty good sitting at our docks. I did not reckonize the name on her until I looked it up on the internet. I was surprise which ferry she was and I can remember riding on her to go to the mainland.

  3. anonymous said…
    She does not look anything like the ship that we use to take over to the mainland. I would think that they are going to keep her here until the spring because of the hard crossing she would have now this time of year.

  4. I saw her docked in Port Alberni on May 22, 2010. It appears that her windows have been removed and that she is possibly being dismantled as salvage. The old ship is mottled all over with rust. Too bad, I remember her glory days.

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