Valdez Re-incarnation

The infamous Exxon Valdez was sold in February 2008 for $32 million, according to reports. Exxon issued no news on the matter, but the Anchorage Daily News reports that the new owners are Bloom Shipping (probably Ever Bloom Shipping) of Hong Kong. They are reportedly going to convert her to an ore carrier and plan to call the ship “Dong Fang Ocean”.

In early 1989, Exxon Valdez grounded on Bligh Reef, on her way out of Prince William Sound in Alaska, spilling 40,000 cubic meters of crude oil, and ushering wide ranging “knee jerk” reactionary policies by regulatory bodies which are just coming into full force now.

Exxon Valdez (built 1986) was renamed Exxon Mediterranean in July 1990. She was renamed again as S/R Mediterranean in July 1993, and in March 2005 the name shortened to Mediterranean, flying the Marshall Island flag of convenience. She was reported sold in February 2008 for US$32 million.

Displacement: 211,469 tons (214,862 metric tons)
Length: 301 m (987.5 ft)
Beam: 51 m (166.24 ft)
Draft: 20 m (64.63 ft)
Power: 23.6 MW (31,650 shp)
Speed: 16.25 knots (30 km/h)
Capacity: 1.48 million barrels (235,000 m³) of crude oil
Crew: 21

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