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Anyone want to buy a piece of junk…..err ship? A great project for a bored engineer, because I am sure it needs plenty of work. Only slight hull damage from playing chicken with a Coast Guard icebreaker.
Unfortunately the designer black does effectively hid the rust and corrosion, so a viewing would be recommended to ensure you don’t fall thru the decks!

The Cape Breton Post reports the federal government is selling the anti-sealing vessel, the Farley Mowat.

The vessel, owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has sat at dock in Sydney, Nova Scotia, since it was seized by Department of Fisheries officers off the west coast of Newfoundland in April 2008.

Officers seized the ship in the Cabot Strait after a confrontation with a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker.

The captain of the vessel was arrested along with another crew member and later appeared in court to face charges of violating the Fisheries Act and Canada’s marine mammal regulations for interfering with the seal hunt.

Fisheries officials said since its seizure, the ship has accrued $500,000 in berthing fees, security and other marine costs.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has filed a $487,000 statement of claim against the vessel’s owner.

Paul Watson, the head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, told the Cape Breton Post that he intends to sue the Canadian government.

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  1. Hah! I hope Canada gets stuck with it! For anyone who doesn't know the story, the ship was boarded illegally in international waters for getting too close to the Canadian seal hunters. Bless the Farley Mowat and her crews for their fine work over the years. That was to be her final voyage anyway. She was to be retired to a maritime museum. Instead, she is still helping stick it to the Canadian government for their support of the inhumane "harvest"…the clubbing to death of baby seals. Keep building up the fees, FM. You're still doing the SSCS proud!

    The two officers who were arrested were deported from Canada, never to be allowed to return. So, at their trial, when they couldn't show up in the CANADIAN court, they were found guilty in absentia. How LAME is that!!!

    The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is at .

  2. The Canadian Coast Guard rammed the Farely Mowat and boarded and seized the ship illegally when Sea Shepherd legally has the right to be there! How can Canada possibly think they're owed approx $500K for this!!

  3. Anyone endangering other vessels and lives as the skipper of the Farley Mowat was should be hung from the yardarm, we don't need clowns like this on the oceans.

  4. this would make a great sealing ship.
    anyone that thinks canada acted illegaly doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  5. It would be ironic if she was bought and placed in the service of the Seal Hunters. Oh and by the way where is so called Captain Watson hideing out ?

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