Aooopps, Huh, I meant AOPS

I just came across some pictures of the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship being designed by STX Canada, for the Canadian Navy. I made a small blurb about it in a post last month. I forgot I had these pictures, and though some of you may be interested.

The design is nearly finalize, but Dan Greer, of STX, mentions that the pods, clearly visible in the picture below, will not be utilised on this anticipated series of 6 ships. The ships will have conventional shafting driven by a diesel electric propulsion system. Four 4500kw diesel electric set will supply power to two 7,500 kW propulsion motors, and their fix pitch, built up propellers.

The ships are “light ice class” (class 5 – 1 meter ice), and have been designed to have a significant portion of their life spent in open ocean, thus the various design element usually found on ice breakers, will not directly transfer onto this design. The ships are expected to achieve a top speed of 20 knots, and will also feature retractable stabilisers.

The design will be to class rules, and incorporate many off the shelf commercial components. Several design elements are said to originate on Norwegian Coast Guard vessels. You may notice the sheltered RHIB launch davit to accommodate a 12 meter boat. These davits will be heave compensated, and able to sustain operations in sea state 5. The AOPS will also be able to carry 5 TEU containers on the aft deck, as well as a small landing craft stowed in a hangar on the starboard quarter of the vessel, below the heli-pad. In addition the vessel will be able to accommodate the Canadian Force’s Cormorant helicopter.

It is expected that a crew of 45 will operate the ship, and it will have accommodations for 40 other personnel. Although a naval vessel, it will not be a combatant ship.

LOA – 109.6 m
BOA – 18.2 m
Draught – 7.0 m
Displacement – 6940 ton

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