TSB Probe

This is rather interesting.

Here in Canada there is no requirement for stability for fishing vessels. Fishermen, (or the really odd PC name Fisher), can literally make any modification to a vessel and not incline it to see if it is safe. They seem to sail by the seat of their pants, “the boat feels right”

The fishers cite high costs of doing a stability study of their boats for arguing against any regulation overhaul.

Now TSB is going to do a study. It will take a year and give recommendations. Will it make a difference? Maybe after a few more high profile accidents.

‘Unacceptable’ number of deaths on fishing boats prompts probe
The Canadian Press, Fri. Aug 21

The Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the safety of small fishing vessels, citing a loss of life that’s “unacceptable.”

The federal agency says 60 people have died in accidents over the past five years — a statistic it calls a “grim reality.”

Marcel Ayeko, the agency’s director of marine investigations, says more needs to be done to improve life for fishermen.

Transportation Safety Board officials say the probe is expected to be the first to provide an overall view of the conditions of small fishing vessels across Canada.

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