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Send help – need more diapers !

I hope my Second Class exams include proper procedure for changing full diapers on very squirmy kids, I am sure I would ace it. Yes I have been very busy at home on my time off from the ship, maybe a little too busy since I have not posted any new blog entries in a while. Sorry, but dootie calls.

This morning, I received a quick email from a friend if mine piloting bulkers on the St Lawrence, seems he ran across a neat article in the McGill Tribune. The St Lawrence River is, even outside maritime circles, associated with ships, ports and the Seaway – some kind of maritime cargo “freeway”. So it was with pleasant surprise I read the following article on river surfing, which of course, for old folks like, me, is all too new. Those gosh darn kids, what will they tink of next ! I will be sure to have my camera ready next time we

River surfing on the St. Lawrence becoming more popular
The McGill Tribune, 10/2, Montreal, Que.

Montreal’s St. Lawrence River is actually home to quite a thriving surfer culture. The Habitat 67 standing wave in the Lachine Rapids in Montreal, named for the Habitat 67 housing complex across the street, has become the destination for Montreal’s newest, and most surprising, sport.

Not to be confused with ocean surfing, river surfing is an increasingly popular form of surfing that is being practiced in places like Germany, New Zealand and the Midwest United States.
While paddling out and floating in the St. Lawrence river waiting to catch the perfect wave sounds like a recipe for hypothermia, river surfing actually involves a standing wave – a wave caused by a large amount of water constricted by flowing over underwater boulders.

A river surfer can catch this wave and have the feeling of traveling fast over water, without even moving. It’s a great way to practice standing up on a board, or doing tricks for whenever you do go on that tropical vacation.

As the first official river-surfing school in the world, 2Imagine – founded by Olympic whitewater kayaker Corran Addison – offers a surfing opportunity to any courageous soul willing to fall and make mistakes. 2Imagine teaches you both the techniques and the safety knowledge of how to swim the current and control the specially designed river surfboard.

Lessons are about $200 for two days, but you can do it with a group and board, life jacket, and helmet rentals are all included. The only prerequisites are being a competent swimmer and the having the courage to fall into the choppy waves – hence the helmet.

And while autumn does not seem like the ideal time for surfing – particularly in a city that expects snow in October – the water is actually warmest in fall and waves are at their peak.

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