Venture goes belly up

Vancouver based North Arm Transportation is no stranger to the hazards and intricacies of the BC coast. They have been moving cargo up and down the province’s coast for countless years and have amassed a lot of experience doing so. Some say experience comes from situations that did not work the way they planned out, such is the case with this summer’s incident involving a loaded equipment barge and the tug North Arm Venture.

The 42′, 440hp tug, was towing the barge North Arm Express, loaded with freight trucks, and proceeding through the Skookumchuck Narrows, north of Vancouver, near the town of Sechelt. Even though the tug proceeded through the narrows at slack tides, they were overcome by current and the vessel capsized, sending three crew members into the waters, and trapping another below decks. The trapped crew member got out on his own after several minutes, and joined his coworkers who took refuge on the barge, helped along by a kayaker.

Kayakers nearby, filmed the whole sequence of events. This may be old news to some since it happened several months ago, but the videos remains and amazing piece of video, worth watching.

You can read more about this story in the local paper. Picture by Alandra.

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