Sexy coveralls

I use them almost everyday, I have a truckload of them, in many different styles, but I don’t always show them the respect they deserve. But this advertisement, I came across a couple of weeks ago, just made me laugh out loud.

Ahhhhhh the seventies, was there a better decade, well ok, the eighties, but this little gem illustrates the height of marine engineering, a time when even “high fashion” and the new sex symbol, if you will, looked to the humble engineer’s attire.

I could laugh this ad, and this post, off pretty easily if it wasn’t for the fact that I actually know a few engineers still today, who thinks they are the sexy beast of the seventies, except in their oil stained overalls. Ok, granted, my wife does have a strange infatuation with me and diesel soaked coveralls, but if you follow this blog, this is probably not surprising. I certainly do fill the coveralls out, unfortunately, not in the sexy department, but that is for another blog.

There is actually a Wikipedia page on coveralls, the garment was certainly well entrenched in the boiler world of the sea and rail, which was probably the source of its genesis. The term first made it into the Oxford Dictionary in 1792, and has been getting sexier since, as documented in the ad above. Read more about the history of the coverall, overall, or boiler suit, “…if you are man enough” to click it.

I also found another interesting ad, this one is for costume to look like Halloween’s Michael Myers. I don’t recall why he wore coveralls though. I imagine he was working on a tug, and went crazy at some point – that would certainly be understandable.

PS. I am trying to figure out a “category” to link this blog entry to… but I am stumped !

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  1. Nice blog, I'm a frequent visitor.

    Hot 'Officers Bar' kit when I was at sea were 'Party Boilersuits' which you could get custom made in Singapore. Loads of different designs – checkered, harlequinn – nothing was too outrageous! You need a social life to get the best out of them, something sadly lacking in the maritime industry today.


  2. ROTFL. That is a hilarious ad. I do not even want to know what you were looking at to find it. "A walking turn on!!" OMG, most of the engineers I know are getting up there, half crippled with their years at sea and going bald.
    Yes, he will look good crawling into a boiler wearing this one!

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