Third week duldrums

So we are settling in that time in the contract where things get a little blurry. Tempers have a tendency to flare unexpectedly. The days have been folding into each other, as if they are in a large mixing pot at the industrial bakery, and you are just beginning to realize it.

Funny, I don’t remember having this feeling when I did 14 weeks out at sea; 2 weeks stints aboard were certainly never a problem either. I have worked for a couple of companies with four weeks on and four weeks off, and no matter what the ship is, this holds true, the third week sucks!

The cook has loss all enthusiasm, down the very basic meals now. I think I saw “Adidas” stamped across the meat yesterday, unceremoniously drenched in watery gravy. The deck hands are behaving like magnets, with similar poles; the watchkeepers are snipping at each other like an old married couple.

It is very difficult to do a meaningful “self diagnostic”, but I have been thinking about it, for this post, and I must say this time, I not feeling too blue. This trip has gone very well so far, all things considered. But I am sure, it helped that the old man had a visit from his wife, at the last port.

I wonder what the psychological reasons are for feeling “blue”, in the third week. It starts soon after hump day, two weeks in. The “excitement” of signing on has faded. The good feelings at the prospect of traveling home, seeing the family, have not presented themselves. Yet, you feel like its time to go!

I don’t think it’s just me, in my last outfit, working month on month off, there was a popular saying on board, and across the fleet, “third week, everything is justifiable”, well actually the wording was bit more direct, but you get the idea.

Just a few more days now, and we will be into week four. The time to wrap up all the loose ends, appreciate all that has been accomplished, this will help build the excitement and bring the spirits up. The end is near.

The travel plans will start showing up mid week, and then the reality that you will rejoin society, and some form of normalcy, to an awaiting life, away from work, will bring a smile to your face for the last few days. And my long “monday” will end, and a month long “Saturday” will begin.

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  1. Good post!
    The worse ship I was on had a 14 day cycle. 11 days into the trip, I was climbing the walls wanting to get off. I did 120 day trips that were easier!

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