Too bad he was not hanging on to it…

Rick Ehlert is dumb. Drunk or not, one should realize the implications of releasing a ship’s anchor weighing 28,000 lbs, and letting free fall from its pocket. But apparently a drunken Rick did just that over the weekend, on Holland America’s MV Ryndam. The ships was on route from Tampa, Florida to Costa Maya when he made his way to the aft mooring deck undetected and released the anchor while underway.

News reports don’t mention if the anchor was fully deployed, or what happened once it released, but suffice to say, I would never be standing close to the deck when the anchor chain runs out, and the bitter end comes flying out of the chain locker.

I will not call him retarded, because I think that would be an insult to mentally challenged persons, but I think he fits the profile of someone with limited faculties. Now this guys is contending with the US’s FBI and the rest of the Homeland Security people, and facing a potential 20 years in prison. Cruise Bruise theorizes the event was a publicity stunt for the man’s California RV business. Well that’s a new one in the annals of marketing.

You can read the story from USA Today here. Picture above of the Ryndam, from my collection, this one while in Alaska, 2004. Other pictures, from the internets.

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  1. Yes I believe that is a concern, right up there as well. These area are not only quite dangerous in health and safety sense, but certainly security sensitive as well.

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