Shipyard Men

The Company Men is not an extraordinary Hollywood film, but it does have a bit of an interesting setting for us mariner types. The setting of this “corporate drama” is of a large US industrial conglomerate, the fictional GTX of Boston, with a focus on the drama of “cost cutting” to please shareholders in the company’s shipbuilding division. The cost cutting measures result in the firing of thousands of people in the shipyards, including at the top of the “corporate ladder”, to which the impacts on the characters is chronicled in this film.

The end is pure Hollywood; if you see it, you will understand. Otherwise it was a interesting drama with Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner, and Ben Affleck. A few years ago, I kinda lost interest in Affleck movies, due to his constant acting obsession to save the world. The Town was pretty good drive away from this, but poor old Ben makes a bit of a return to his charitable ways in this one…

The film is out this weekend, here is the IMDB write up.

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