Respite care in port

I am getting ready to head out east, back to work, and the miserable cold. Mind you, things here in BC, have been pretty chilly, with some snow to boot – a rather rare occurence this time of year. As usual my preparations for sea are extensive, wrapping up loose ends, trying to spend as much time as possible with the wife and kids, and little time is left for my “hobby”, so thanks for bearing with me with the lack of new posts.

I have been meaning to comment on the Sailors’s Society, one of the links recently featured on this website. I am always fascinated to hear of new (to me) bussinesses and projects, so I clicked on it and viewed and learned more about them. On their website they had video, reproduced below. I was impressed with the message and its delivery, and though you might be as well.

The Society is a charity based in the UK, but operating worlwide, providing personal, professional and spiritual needs of a non denominational Christian background. Even coming from a “first world” country, I’ve had on many occassions taken advantages of a port’s Seafarers Mission or Center, so I know first hand this is very specialized work and much appreciated by us professional sailors. For those coming from distant countries, working long contracts, lower down the rank, the work of these charities do, is a downright critical part of a sailor’s well being.

The video produced by the Sailor Society is not only an appeal for donations, to continue their work, but also a poignant look at seafaring. Anyways, I thought it was pretty good, and I think you will agree, perhaps you might even consider supporting them, or at least another similar institution – financially or otherwise.

In this video the Society explains their purpose…

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