E is for “damn, thats big”

This is not news anymore, but it is still pretty darn awe inspiring. Maersk placed an order for 10 copies of their new class of ships, the Triple E. The ships are massive cargo movers; with a capacity for 18,000 teu. The biggest cargo ships afloat; bigger ships have been built, namely tankers, but very few are still in service.

With twin propulsion plants, they are designed for slow steaming, using two 43,000 HP slow speed MAN engines. The new ship will significantly dwarf Maersk’s previous ship class, the E Class, with its class leader, the famous Emma Maersk.

The ships are to be built by Korean builder, Daewoo. The triple E title stands for Efficiency, Economy of scales, Environmentally friendly, of course at 1.9 billion contract, you may add a fourth “E” for Expensive – or perhaps an “O” for ouch ! Sure they are a really big ship, but still, that’s a hell of check to write. The ABS classed ships are predicted to enter service, the first in 2013, with the tenth in 2015.

You can visit Maersk official site on the ship here. Wikipedia’s article is here.

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