Seaspan might benefit from “Miracle”

Now, there is something you don’t see everyday. I can’t remember the last time there was any form of agreement between the two major political parties in British Columbia – or credit given to the opposition in a high profile speech. But it did happen today in Victoria.

Newly elected Premier of BC, Christy Clark, used her inaugural speech to lend her’s, and the Liberal Party of BC’s support of a New Democrat Party of BC’s motion supporting BC’s shipbuilding industry bid for a share of the National Ship Procurement Strategy. The “up to now” silent provincial government has shown a significant spotlight on the issue, which I am sure will help Team Seaspan in their bid for part of the CDN$35 billion dollar worth of work.

Following BC Politics, this generally should come as a shock for most, as two political parties working together is usually kept to the dark corners, well away from media spotlight. Bottom line, good on her and the party for working with people for something that will have a net benefit for BC and all of Canada.

The story below is from CFax, and Yahoo News also has this one, and here is another article on the NSPS from a navy perspective.

Christy Clark supports opposition bill on shipbuilding in first legislature speech since becoming Premier
May 30, 2011

Premier Christy Clark used her first speech after being sworn in as a Member of the Legislature to voice support for a BC shipbuilding contract bid. That support came in an odd form — backing a private member’s bill from the opposition New Democrats, which in turn called for provincial backing of the local shipbuilding bid. There is only one west coast contender among five companies competing for a piece of the three decade long, $35-billion federal shipbuilding plan.

Within the west coast bid is the owner of Victoria Shipyards. Only two of the five will get contracts. “This national ship procurement strategy… represents the single greatest opportunity to create a long term, sustainable ship repair environment in this province’s history,” NDP member Mike Farnworth said in the house Monday morning during debate on his party’s bill, “yet what we’ve seen, I think, has been virtual silence on this issue.”

Premier Clark supported the motion, “So I stand today in my first speech in this Legislature as Premier, to say to you, if you are looking for commitment you have it here…. to the members of this house, I say, I am delighted that we have a chance to work together on something where we do truly have common cause.”

The bill passed a vote following her Clark’s comments. Private member’s often fail to gain support from the governing party.

–Ryan Price

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