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Well, Johnny Canuck wasn’t able to seal the deal tonight, and the Bruins took Lord Stanley’s cup. Well at least it will still make several appearances in BC, where some of the Boston players call home.

Martin’s Marine Engineering Page website was partly down today, as I uploaded the new version – update of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience, but with some many new files and changes, I end up updating the majority of the site, which works out to be about 1.6 gigabytes, much to the rejoice of my ISP, Shaw Cable, wringing their greedy hands, ready to slap me with extra usage charges. Anyways, I digress; below is a summary of some of the new stuff you will find on the main site…

Its been a very busy winter at work, my usual time to update the site. Then at home I was swamped with several projects, mainly helping out with the CIMarE’s very successful Maritech Marine engineering conference and exhibition, and also laying some new flooring in our little house. The result was that my “regular” bi-monthly update, scheduled for April, was skipped. Hopefully you find a trove of new stuff in this update, to make up for the lack of updates. I really enjoy maintaining this site, I get to see so many interesting things so this is a fun hobby for me, just wish sometimes I could do more of it!

In the Ship’s Library, is where you will find the biggest haul of new stuff. In one of the most popular areas of the site, Exam Help, you will find a whole new raft of helpful documents, kindly submitted by a long time visitor to the site – thanks for sharing. A set of Questions and Answers for the Second Class Marine Engineering EK General exam. You will also find an extensive set of Questions and Answers – excellent resource – targeted to Millwrights, but as you will see, quite applicable to Marine Engineers with its simple format, and broad spectrum of subjects. These include Couplings, Workshop, and review of welding study material. There is also an all subject in one Millwright / Industrial Mechanic Study resource. These are only a small list of the new things, check out the other 12 documents yourself. This is truly a great contribution, that will assist those of us studying to upgrade our certificates.

Also in the library you’ll also find lots of other interesting documents, including accident reports on the Oscar Wild, HMS Endurance. An excellent paper on the history and future of Classification Societies. A power point presentation of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker under construction, the CCGS John Diefenbaker, a presentation on the USCG’s “black fleet” and what the did do. An interesting primer on importing a foreign vessel into Canadian trade; a topic that is sure to be more common everyday.

En francais, tu peut lire apropos des Canadien en mers, principalment avec les bateaux de croissiere, comme Allure of the Seas.

On the Machinery Page, even more stuff to learn from; Electric Motors, consideration for switching from MDO to HFO operations. You all also find a paper on Stirling engines and Ice Navigation, with recommendations for engineering operations in cold weather.

Over in the Historical area, you will find new material as well… A glossary of sailor’s terms, circa 1800’s Sailors glossary. Denis Grifths has summarizes British Marine Industry and Diesel. Ion Livas has compiled a definitive list of Liberty Ships and a compiled a list of those modified Liberty Ships. Local BC tug company’s history is chronicled in The Hodder Tugs Story.

Updated the Fairbanks Morse page, always a popular page, with some new pics, diagrams and comments.

Extensive updating of the Training Page with updated and corrected information based on new regulations – thanks EM for providing the in-depth knowledge. Also added some other tidbits in there.

As always, just look for the “NEW” sign for all the new material uploaded in this update; the above, is just an introduction of some of the new material. This update’s header, is a picture of Canada Steamship Line (CSL) Richelieu main engine. Taken in March 2010, while I was aboard doing a couple weeks of refit. The engine is a Burmeister & Wain (B&W) 6K67GFC, burning Heavy fuel oil, rated at 11,600 bhp or 8,531 kW. It was built in 1980.

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