Things that go bump

The Maersk Detector, a Canadian offshore supply ship, based out of St Johns Newfoundland, has sliced open one pontoons of drill rig operating off the East Coast of Canada. The GSF Grand Banks, a semi sub drilling rig, was performing drilling operations at a depth of 4000 meter, in support of Husky’s White Rose project, when the ship contacted the rig.

As usual for energy companies, Maersk, Husky or the Oil Board are mum about the incident on their website, but news report state that the rig suffered a 4-5 meter gash above the water line. The rig has been made water tight, and is suspending operations, they will head towards shore to make repairs. Transocean, the owners of the rig, will advanced their planned maintenance outage, scheduled for January to coincide with repairs.

The rig is a Panamanian flagged rig, originally built  in St Johns, New Brunswick, in 1984, and is classed by DNV. The Maersk Detector is operated by Maersk Supply Services, of Denmark with offices in St Johns, NF. The ship is a Maersk D-Type vessel, with a 5,470 GT; it is Canadian flagged tug / supply vessel, built in 2006. She is classed by Lloyd’s and sports 18,300 hp giving her 218 t bollard pull. 

More news here. Husky White Rose project here and here. More specs on the rig here, and the ship. Pictures from various online sources.

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  1. Wow, hadn't heard about this. Thanks for the report.
    FYI, St John's is in Newfoundland & Labrador. Saint John is in New Brunswick.

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