Office party, not for seafarers

In the last post, I talked about how misleading the stats were on a recent study of Post Secondary Education, and their earning potentials… this week I was sent this video which exemplifies this even more. The video is not of typical weather condition while working at sea, but this is the reality of the job. Having to put up with that, even before spending one once of your energy, praticing your craft – I don’t think too many accountants have this kind of workplace.

Of course there is always the ice cold water to deal with as well, with two glaring examples served up this week, involving those hardy cold weather surviving Russians. One in the Pacific Ocean off Sakhalin, where an oil rig under tow, capsized after encountering heavy seas. And the other story in the Antarctic, where the Sparta, a large fishing boat with predominately Russian crew, is teetering on sinking after suffering a gash in its hull, and taking on water.  

The rig Kolskaya with a crew of 69 capsized and has taken the lives of 14 men, with another 39 still missing. The Sparta appears to be stabilizing, but the story is nowhere near complete, with 32 crew members fighting to save their ship, in the most desolate area of the world.

Makes me very thankful to be home, warm and safe, and sad to think of the loss and stress borne by the families of those affected.

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