Snowball chance in hell – huh, Hamilton

I was in southern Ontario quite a bit this winter, and only once, did we have any significant snow – which only lasted a day or two. Sure we had a couple of cool days, but really it was mild, usually in the teens by the afternoon. Now, just days away from May, here we sit in the beautiful harbour of Hamilton, strong northerlies up our stern, and snow in the forecast! Unbelievable.

As you have probably guessed, I don’t have much for my blog, been spending lots of time on other computer work and been getting “screen eyes”, so I thought I’d talk about the weather. Its not like I don’t have a fair bit of time; we are in a holding pattern, hovering in Hamilton, waiting for work. This is not abnormal for this time of year; there is a glut of product tankers trading in the area, so until they bugger off for their annual resupply runs to the Canadian arctic, we run short on work. So hopefully I get my marine blog brain to re-engage and gets some interesting, witty, insightful entries done – well ok, maybe just get some done.

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