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General Walter Natynczyk from CBC

Yet another news story of note, to me anyways, again from the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national papers, is about the Canadian military’s
top dog, General Walter Natynczyk lamenting the lack of steel cutting
for new ships. I know the military is used to getting whatever it wants, but hey, welcome to the party General; just imagine how the Coast Guard guys feel – have felt for the last 30 years.

For those of you keeping record, the National Ship Procurement Strategy‘s
website had previously anticipated the signing of a firm order – ready
to cut steel – in late November 2011, shortly after the decision of the
shipyard selection in October 2011. The first contract was expected to be
officially signed for the fisheries research vessels to replace the like
of the WE Ricker,
to be built by the Washington Group’s yards in BC. It is now June 2012,
and still no firm order on the books for the fisheries vessel or the
Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships for the Navy. Public Works and Government
Services has removed any mention of time frames for actual steel cutting
from their website.

from Ferriesbc

The “latest” fisheries research vessel
replacement project is more or less fully drawn up, from my
understanding. Unfortunately, the drawings keep getting “revised” on a
routine basis, to accommodate the falling budgets, pretty soon there
will only be enough money left for an ex-BC Ferries lifeboat to be
converted to fisheries research – that is of course if Transport Canada can get their act together.

you, the way the ruling Federal Conservative party is going, the
significant cuts to all thing “Science” – who need that superstitious
bunch anyways – they may just skip this project altogether, and save
themselves the hassle of budgeting for this, in these “tight economic

The NSPS is looking more and more, like a
traditional Canadian ship building program, yet one more time, with yet
one more voice expressing concern. Read the news story here.

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