The World in Nanaimo

Resident Sea’s MS The World was on a layover in the Port of Nanaimo, BC a few days ago. The World is a cruise ship style “private yacht”, where the passengers are actually owners of the cabins and apartments on-board – similar to a condominium, but at sea. The World is no stranger to BC, having stopped numerous times over the years, on its many around the world cruises.

What is interesting about this trip however, is that the vessel is heading north, way north and through the Northwest Passage on an eastbound voyage to Greenland and St john’s NF. I wonder if this makes search and rescue services a bit nervous. At 43,524 tons, she is not the biggest vessel to have navigated the Northwest Passage but…

By the way, they are on the lookout for a Chief Engineer, and an Environmental Engineer. Here are some more pics of the ship.

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