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I was visiting my friend over at Navcanada in Surrey, BC, getting a tour of the very impressive west coast air traffic control center. The “Center” handles the air traffic controlling duties of the many flights I take every year, so its nice to demystify it. The impressive tour of the new facility was fantastic, but one of the most memorable tidbit I took away from my visit was actually from one of the trade magazines, Skies Magazine, my friend had on his desk.
There was one article in particular that caught my attention. The article dwells on the plans of the College of Professional Pilots of Canada, and how they are attempting to created a self regulating body, much like Medical Doctors and Professional Engineers have access to; it is also a big dream of mine for Marine Engineers in Canada, as proposed in the Blue Riband project.

I was ecstatic to see this article, as the similarities between professional pilots and professional mariners are similar. Sort of a “Ah Hah” moment for me. I feel, like the professional pilots, that we are involved in high levels of bureaucracy, large of amounts of regulations, exposed to criminal sanctions and are, overall, a fragmented bunch, lacking direction and representation as a whole.

Logo of the CPPC

It is great relief for me to see a similar body of professionals, who are forging a bold step ahead for their profession. This illustrates the possibilities of a united and focused group, offering us a template for change to our own peer group. It is sad that our professions have taken such a “backseat” over the years. However it is very exciting to see that similar professionals have identified similar issues with their craft, and are working towards meaningful solution.

I am learning more about the group, and hope you will too. It may spur some brainstorming sessions. Perhaps serve as a catalyst to the possibility of change. You can read the excellent article here; and visit the CPPC’s website here. Maybe you will be inspired by the CPPC and revisit Blue Riband, perhaps express your support or ideas on moving it forward.

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