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Call for Nominations

2013 award of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering Medal of Excellence

National Council of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering seeks
nominations for the inaugural award of the CIMarE Medal of Excellence.

are requested to be delivered to the CIMarE National Administrator, Ms.
Lauren Solar, on or before Friday May 31, 2013. All nominations with be
kept in strict confidence. Please return the attached form along with a
supporting document, outlining the nominee’s qualifications and
achievements (maximum 1,000 words).

The Canadian Institute of
Marine Engineering Medal of Excellence recognizes an individual’s
outstanding contribution to marine engineering in Canada, including
technical innovation, sea-going service, substantial leadership in the
industry or the teaching of marine engineering. The Medal is the
hallmark of achievement in Canada’s marine engineering profession.

of the Medal will be made annually to a Canadian citizen or permanent
resident by the National Council on the basis of nominations from
Institute members and others in Canada’s marine engineering sector.
Written nominations will be kept confidential and the Council will not
disclose its inquiries or deliberations into making the award. The Medal
of Excellence will ordinarily be presented at the annual Mari-Tech
conference and exhibition.

The award of the Medal of Excellence is not restricted to members of the Institute.

persons who may have made a meritorious, substantial and lasting
contribution to marine engineering in Canada, through the operation of
vessels at sea, the management and work of marine transportation
enterprises and shipyards, the design of vessels, the promotion of
safety of life at sea, government regulation, or the pursuit of
excellence in the marine engineering field are eligible for the award.
The Medal is distinct from recognition within the Institute, including
Honorary Life Membership and the recently created appointment of Fellow
of the Institute.

For more information, visit CIMarE award website, to nominate a person, use the this form.

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