The journey is afoot…

The Maple Leaf goes
up for the first time

Off we go, we should be leaving the port of Ajman, in the UAE shortly, bound for the Mediterranean Sea where I understand we might have our first job. The tug Sharon M1 has been in the shipyard for about 6 weeks now, lots of work has been done, and most of it is now completed. We’ve had hot days, been amazed, disappointed; there’s been some blood, some tears, certainly elevated blood pressure. Eventually this tug will make it to Canada, where it will certainly earn its keep without issues – it is hoped.

We have oil, grub, crew, parts, tools, paint, security details, razor wire, now all we need is some fuel, which comes tomorrow. I will be off the grid sort to speak, don’t know when I will be back. I’ll post when I have internet again, probably in a month or so, hopefully sooner – not looking to seeing my “inbox” after I get back to internet from this online absence.

Everybody pitches in to paint, quality may vary…

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