Propeller repairs in extreme conditions restore efficiency

Hydrex underwater servicesWhen damage to propellers occurs due to impact with ice and other debris, Hydrex can offer you the best possible solution, even if the damage is quite extensive. Repairs can be carried out rapidly and efficiently afloat and underwater.

After your call we will immediately mobilize a team to the vessel to inspect the damage and perform the required repairs. During the winter months these operations often have to be carried out in extreme circumstances. Ice conditions like this will not prevent our divers from providing the service you need. They are professionally trained to perform a wide variety of operations, both above and below water, anywhere in the world.
Ideally, the in-house developed propeller blade cold straightening technique is used. This procedure enables us to straighten damaged blades in-water, allowing commercial operations to continue without the need to dry dock. Because these repairs are permanent no further attention needs to be given to the propeller blades during future dry dockings.

Should a piece of the blade be broken or if there is other damage too extensive for straightening, a section of the blade will be cropped. This kind of repair is carried out with the propeller blade cropping equipment developed by us. By doing so, the best possible efficiency is obtained.

We have the tools to carry out detailed crack inspections on propeller blades. An informed decision can then be made concerning any required action. Catching problems early can save much time and money. We can also perform follow-up inspections for operations that were carried out on the propeller blades in drydock.

For more information on propeller repairs or other underwater operations, please contact one of our offices. We are at your disposal 24/7 and ready to mobilize almost immediately. You can also find more information in our general info brochure.

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