Day of the Seafarer, June 25

The International Maritime Organization’s celebration of the human factor enabling international shipping is known as the Day of the Seafarer, and this year, it’s just a couple of weeks away, on June 25, 2016.

Campaign Message

This year’s campaign aims to highlight that seafarers serve at sea not just for the shipping industry but for all of us. The campaign tagline this year is: #AtSeaForAll. It will create a picture of seafaring as being “indispensable to the world“.

What is Day of the Seafarer?

An official United Nations international observance day celebrated every year on 25 June; it is organized by the International Maritime Organization and reaches millions of people worldwide

Aims of Day of the Seafarer 2016: #AtSeaForAll

  • Engage the shipping industry to tell both seafarers and the non-shipping audience that seafarers are essential to us all – by saying At Sea for All
  • Engage seafarers themselves to say that they are proud to serve a wider cause than just their own careers – by saying
  • We are At sea for All
  • Engage enlightened members of the general public to signal their own appreciation of the importance of seafarers – by saying Seafarers are At Sea for All

If you are a seafarer or working in the maritime industry, tweet using the hashtag #AtSeaForAll


Post on IMO Day of the seafarer photo wall:

IMO social media channels are:

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Get ready for Day of the Seafarer on Saturday 25 June, 2016!

This year’s theme aims to show that Seafarers are ‘At Sea For All’, by promoting and highlighting the ways in which seafarers are indispensable to the world. We would encourage you to share your thoughts on social media, using the hashtag #AtSeaForAll, particularly the ex-seafarers amongst you!

In order to engage with the Day of the Seafarer we have a couple of new features for this year’s campaign, you are invited to join our Thunderclap, test your seafarer knowledge by taking our Quiz and sharing the result.

Seafarers and members of the public can still share their photos on IMO’s “Photo Wall”, a webpage which invites people to upload photos of their time at sea.

On Facebook and Twitter, users are encouraged to post the results of the quiz, post photos and comments/stories about why seafarers are #AtSeaForAll.

Videos are available to watch and share:

Any queries, please email Carine Bambara.

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