IMO’s Word Maritime Day

Join the discussion on shipping’s future challenges and what does World Maritime Day mean to you?

The 2016 World Maritime Day Forum will be held on Thursday 29 September, at IMO Headquarters in London, from 3.15 p.m (GMT+1)

An eminent panel will discuss global shipping’s future challenges with opportunity for questions. The event will be live-streamed to media and the wider public. Live stream participants will be invited to take part via Twitter using the following handle and hashtag: @IMOHQ #WMDforum

Billions of people all over the world rely on shipping for the essentials and the luxuries in life, shipping is indispensable, yet very few people realise it. Is shipping’s relative anonymity a problem and, if so, why? The World Maritime Day theme provides an opportunity for the shipping community to tell its story: the story of an industry that, in terms of efficiency, safety, environmental impact and its contribution to global trade is unmatched by any other transport sector; the story of shipping – which is, truly, indispensable to the world.

World Maritime Day materials are available on our webpage. Also in  French and Spanish. You can also download a longer background paper World Maritime Day 2016 – Background paper in English, French and Spanish.

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