OCIMF extends access to Tanker Management and Self Assessment reports to non-members

10 January 2018 – London – OCIMF will extend access to Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) reports to non-OCIMF members from 14 January 2019. This major change will mean more information is available to more users, which will help improve overall safety and marine assurance.

MT Kirkeholmen in Burnaby, BC, picture by Martin Leduc, Oct 2018

Access to TMSA reports was previously restricted to OCIMF members, but will now be extended to non-OCIMF members who are registered as Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE) recipients.

From 14 January, SIRE recipients will be able to request vessel operators’ permission to view their TMSA reports directly from the TMSA page of their SIRE account. 

SIRE vessel operators will maintain control over which SIRE recipients can see their TMSA reports. 

  • OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) was originally introduced in 2004 as a way to help companies assess, measure and improve their management systems with the aim of attaining the highest standards of safety. TMSA is available as a printed book and an online tool and is now in its third edition (2017). Ship operators can use the online tool to generate reports that can be shared through the Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE).
  • SIRE is a unique tanker and barge risk assessment tool created by OCIMF and used by charterers, terminal operators and government bodies to assist in the assurance of ship safety standards. Questions about SIRE and how to register can be sent to the SIRE and OVID Contracts Manager at sire@ocimf.org.


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