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In case you have missed it, here are some marine industry related newsbits from Transport Canada and related regulators:

TP 13617 – Ballast Water Regulations

Please note that TP 13617 for the new proposed Ballast Water Regulations can be accessed on the following website.

Navigation Safety Regulations, 2019

Please note that the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2019 have been published in the Canada Gazette, Part I ( The 90-day comment period commences on June 15.

Forward Regulatory Plan (not quite sure what this is all about, but… ml)

This is to inform you that Transport Canada has posted the Forward Regulatory Plan which contains a list or description of anticipated regulatory changes or actions that it intends to bring forward under a specific time frame.

The Forward Regulatory Plan will be adjusted and updated over time as Transport Canada’s priorities evolve. More details on website.

Oceans Protection Plan (OPP); Emergency Towing

As part of the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP), the Government of Canada is considering the need for emergency towing in all regions of Canada. 

Emergency towing is conducted to assist disabled vessels, with the aim of preventing incidents and ensuring crew safety, while also preventing spills and environmental impacts. The Coast Guard has engaged a contractor to develop a third-party report which will (1) offer an overview of emergency towing in Atlantic and Central & Arctic Canada; (2) identify any gaps in existing emergency towing capacity; and (3) provide recommendations to address identified gaps.

Attached is a short background document which includes ten questions to start the conversation. Your perspectives and knowledge are important in the development of these regional towing needs assessments. In addition, you may be contacted by the contractor for follow-up questions regarding policy or technical issues.  Prior to finalization, the findings will be circulated to allow for any additional thoughts that you may have on the issue.  

We look forward to your contribution to this important project. Written submissions and/or requests for an in-person interview can be sent to

…and lastly, guidance on fatigue, or, just check the IMO’s version

Ship Safety Bulletins

Subject: New Guidelines on Fatigue 
Bulletin No.:   10/2019
Date:  2019-06-07

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