Diesel’s Le Mans

Audi Le Mans DieselReuters News Service Tue 13 Dec, 2005, 16:57 Audi has announced an attempt to win Le Mans – with a diesel engine.Audi has won Le Mans five times in the last six years and the new racer is intended to continue the winning streak. The engine is a 5.5-litre, 12-cylinder twin-turbo TDI engine, which is said to be extremely quiet and economical. It produces over 650 bhp…

December 14, 2005

Navy Buying Small Armed Craft For Port Security

The navy is buying a dozen 9.3-metre-long aluminum boats to conduct 24-hour port security patrols around warships anchored or docked in Halifax and Esquimalt, B.C., according to a Chronicle Herald report. Experts believe the purchase is aimed at preventing terrorist attacks similar to the October 2000 incident when two al-Qaeda suicide bombers brought a small boat alongside the USS Cole as it refueled in Yemen. They detonated explosives hidden in…

December 9, 2005

Ships Collide On the Elbe River

Pravda.RU:Three ships collide in Germany17:59 2005-12-06Two ships collided in a German river, sinking one of the vessels and throwing seven of its sailors into the water, police said Tuesday. A third ship later ran into the wreckage. Tugboats pulled the sailors from the estuary of the Elbe River late Monday after a freighter carrying fertilizer collided with a container ship north of the port city of Hamburg. The freighter capsized…

December 8, 2005


A.F. THERIAULT AND SON LTD. of Meteghan River, Nova Scotia are addressing the need to bolster marine security in the coastal and offshore zones.Through introduction of the “MONGOOSE” series of fast patrol and attack craft, the company is making a technological break through in North America to aid in the quest to provide efficient and effective means of policing sensitive traffic zones.The harbour patrol and inshore craft (MONGOOSE MK-I-25) is…

December 7, 2005

Section VIII Criminal Code of Canada

A reminder that a Ship Operators also come under the Criminal Code of Canada as well as the Canadian Shipping Act: 251. (1) Every one who knowingly(a) sends or being the master takes a vessel that is registered or licensed, or for which an identification number has been issued, pursuant to any Act of Parliament and that is unseaworthy(i) on a voyage from a place in Canada to any other…

December 5, 2005

Canadian Federal Bill C-15

OIL SPILL RESPONSE IN CANADA:CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS, PARLIAMENT’S BILL C-15 &THE ROLE OF THE MARINE ENGINEER Prepared by Jeff Smith*for a meeting of the Vancouver Island Branchof the Canadian Institute of Marine EngineeringSeptember 15, 2005 Introduction Marine oil spill response is, at once, both the most challenging and least exciting role for the marine engineer today. “Spill response” demands considerable technical knowledge and clear leadership. The development of good spill response…

December 2, 2005

Loud Chief Engineers cause heart attacks

As Noise Rises, So May Heart RisksBy Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 (HealthDay News) — Loud, grating noise is not just annoying, it can increase the risk of a heart attack, researchers report. This increase in risk appears to be caused by the physiological effects of environmental and work noise, the German research team found. “Our results demonstrate that chronic noise exposure is associated with a mildly to moderately…

November 25, 2005

When ships dance together

An article in the Novemebr 11th edition of Lloyds List had quite a few dramatic pictures of the collision involving AP MOller-Maersk Group’s LPG carrier Maersk Holyhead and the fully laden bulker Pequot. The pictures were taken from the bridge of the bulker, and are remarkable photographs but they do not really explain what happen. Read more here on New Zealand Ships and Marine Society and Rigzone.com also. Here’s the…

November 21, 2005