Tombstone design

April 14, 2012

Tombstone design; that’s what my maritime school instructor use to characterize the maritime regulation making mechanism. Probably no bigger set of regulations has ever been imposed on the seafaring world, than the ones resulting from the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Unless you are a cavemen, having recently awoken from your long icy slumber, then I am sure you are well aware that the Royal Mail Ship Titanic, sank 100…


First day of the 2012 navigational season

March 23, 2012

Welland Canal It was a bright sunny day, unseasonably warm in Port Weller today. Port Weller is ten minutes outside downtown St Catherines, in southern Ontario. It is home to Lock One of the Welland Canal, part of the St Lawrence Seaway System, connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean using the various lakes and the St Lawrence River. Today marked the official opening of the 2012 navigational season…


NASA miscalculations

January 28, 2012

Ok, this does not really restore my faith in rocket scientists… Picture by AP There is obviously more to the story here, than just a ship hitting a bridge; come on look at the thing, who the hell thought that would fit under the that bridge. Maybe they were not ballasted enough, but even that, must be a nerve racking tight fit. More pictures here. The Delta Mariner carries rocket…


Slipping into lifeboats

January 23, 2012

One day into my wife and I’s first vacation in 8 years, and some foolish act results in one of the latest, and largest passenger ships to partially sinks. Having work on cruise ships for four years and like most professionals mariners, I was captivated and stunned. How could have this happened? Needless to say my wife was probably a little annoyed for my thirst of consuming what little news…


Office party, not for seafarers

December 20, 2011

In the last post, I talked about how misleading the stats were on a recent study of Post Secondary Education, and their earning potentials… this week I was sent this video which exemplifies this even more. The video is not of typical weather condition while working at sea, but this is the reality of the job. Having to put up with that, even before spending one once of your energy,…


Things that go bump

November 26, 2011

The Maersk Detector, a Canadian offshore supply ship, based out of St Johns Newfoundland, has sliced open one pontoons of drill rig operating off the East Coast of Canada. The GSF Grand Banks, a semi sub drilling rig, was performing drilling operations at a depth of 4000 meter, in support of Husky’s White Rose project, when the ship contacted the rig. As usual for energy companies, Maersk, Husky or the…


Cheap on the bottom line, expensive in lives

November 8, 2011

Beware of cheap, and too good to be true replacement parts and servicing. Yet again, it appears counterfeit material has made their way into the shipping industry, this time in the refrigerant used during servicing of shipping containers in Vietnam. The refrigerant reacted in the system making it combust spontaneously in the presence of air. This type of story is nothing new to those aboard, but is has been slowly…


Another day another MSC ship aground

October 14, 2011

MSC is, once again, at the centre of a maritime accident, this time the the ship is the MV Rena, off the coast of New Zealand; I am sure you are aware of it by now, its still an interesting story. The ship is officially owned by Daina Shipping of Greece, part of Costamare. According to the press release… ” The RENA was built in 1990, and has a deadweight…