Coasties on the move

August 14, 2009

Usually I don’t write much about the US Coast Guard, but lately they have been releasing press releases with some interesting tidbits. As a matter of fact I must say, I caved in since I usually don’t give much exposure to military matters, as they get plenty of exposure elsewhere. They have a very well refined PR machine, with blogs twitter feeds and lots of exposure, so its hard not…


Whales in a war

June 21, 2009

A review of TV show Whale Wars: Season One Generally seafarers and “tree huggers” are usually on opposite sides of the social spectrum. One usually being a lofty idealist, and the other being a pragmatic realist. To see the both come together, as they do in the television show Whale Wars, is a bit of a guilty pleasure. As I write this, I am at sea and hear that Whale…


103 years later, Amundsen returns

June 3, 2009

In 1906, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, and six other crew members, completed the first transit of the arctic’s Northwest Passage in a 47 ton sealing boat. 103 years later, the CCGS Amundsen will depart Quebec City’s Coast Guard base, on its latest scientific mission to the polar region. The “medium icebreaker“, is hoped, will be one of a handful of ships to circumnavigate the North American continent. The ship has…


Aooopps, Huh, I meant AOPS

May 24, 2009

I just came across some pictures of the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship being designed by STX Canada, for the Canadian Navy. I made a small blurb about it in a post last month. I forgot I had these pictures, and though some of you may be interested. The design is nearly finalize, but Dan Greer, of STX, mentions that the pods, clearly visible in the picture below, will not…


Joint CIMarE – SNAME all day event

April 28, 2009

It only happens once a year or so, but it is always well worth it and well attended. What is it ? Its the joint meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineer (SNAME)- Northwest Branch and the Vancouver Island Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers (CIMarE). The full day of interesting discussion held this past weekend in Victoria BC, was topped off with a guided…


Fire and Ice

September 23, 2008

As mentioned here, in an earlier post, the US Coast Guard has sent an non ice-reinforced patrol vessel into the Arctic. The 378 foot USCGC Hamilton, Hamilton Class ship commissioned in March 1967 – yes that is almost 42 years old – is based in San Diego and shines in the USCG as a serious drug interceptor. The article below discusses the beginnings of the “Hambones” voyage north of the…


Whats red and white, and glows in the dark

April 15, 2008

Answer – A Russian Arktika Class Icebreaker working in the Arctic. Mike Hood, of Lloyds List writes the interesting article, below, on the latest nuclear powered Arktika Class Russian icebreaker, operated by experienced Arctic ice navigators, Murmansk Shipping Company. Check out the videos of sea trials, (on the right) from YouTube, of this impressive ship. Specifications of 50 Let Pobedy (English – 50th anniversary of Victory)Builder: Baltic Works, Leningrad, USSR/Saint…


Drug seizures might be “up” in the Artic

February 17, 2008

The article below, from Fairplay, reports on the United States foray into the development of a safe and commercially viable northwest passage. But one must wonder of the seriousness or the effectiveness of the effort when they are sending an aging medium endurance, probably not ice strengthened, law enforcement cutter into such a notorious area. I guess the US wants to jump on the “claim the arctic” bandwagon; the line…