Eurotrip without Club VanderSexx

July 4, 2008

I wrote this email to my friends and family while on my latest contract at sea. I edited a little but I hope you enjoy the insight as I reproduce it here. – Martin I am pretty much half way between Europe and North America in the North Atlantic as I write this. I was sleeping but the weather has deteriorated, making sleep somewhat impossible. I flew to Amsterdam about…


Two for me, one for me

From my travels I have observed an imbalance in the UK system of licensing and wages, I have not experienced it myself (at least in the negative sense) but I am aware it exist. The article below brings it out in the open. For some in other parts of the world, this system of varying pay for varying locations of home smells of discrimination. Perhaps it the norm from the…

June 29, 2008

Is that a TEU in your pocket?

May 14, 2008

Cosco orders eight more boxship behemothsNacks to benefit from bulk-box deal worth $2bnJanet Porter, 12 May 2008 Lloyds List THE containership newbuilding market has burst back into life with a massive $1.3bn order from Cosco Container Lines for eight 13,350 teu vessels. The Chinese line, which already has eight 13,100 teu vessels in the pipeline through a long-term charter agreement with Seaspan, confirmed the new order late Friday after setting…


Ares’ end in Brownsville

May 11, 2008

When you think of ship breaking, you usually think of Alang in India, or Bangladesh, but I came across this neat article the other day which made me learn something new. Read on… Shipbreakers paying for shot at government shipsBy CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN Associated Press Writer, May 11, 2008 BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The air tastes like pennies at this gritty port at the southern tip of Texas, where ships’ final voyages…


Life on a container ship

May 8, 2008

In april 2008, Lloyd’s List ran these great, insightful, pieces by Richard Meade, on life at sea as he experienced it, riding along with a ship’s crew. I don’t have all the parts, I think there is four or five, but the following three, I really enjoyed reading. The first is about his “signing on” the CGM CMA container ship Puget. The second part is about the various crew members,…


“Fun Ship Freddy” sheds a tear

May 2, 2008

The 8,912 dwt, 1956 UK-built passenger ship “The Topaz ” was sold last week to Indian shibreakers at $670 per ldt, with delivery at Singapore. “The Topaz” was built as Canadian Pacific’s “Empress of Britain”, in 1975, when I was barely three years old, the ship was bought by cruise company upstart, Carnival Cruise Line. Back then they called her Carnivale, with that familiar namesake becoming synonym with the company’s…


Whats red and white, and glows in the dark

April 15, 2008

Answer – A Russian Arktika Class Icebreaker working in the Arctic. Mike Hood, of Lloyds List writes the interesting article, below, on the latest nuclear powered Arktika Class Russian icebreaker, operated by experienced Arctic ice navigators, Murmansk Shipping Company. Check out the videos of sea trials, (on the right) from YouTube, of this impressive ship. Specifications of 50 Let Pobedy (English – 50th anniversary of Victory)Builder: Baltic Works, Leningrad, USSR/Saint…


Turkey in Wonder of the Sky

April 11, 2008

Ex P&O’s Pacific Sky, now Sky Wonder and owed by Royal Caribbean International`s Spanish cruise unit, Pullmantur, has run aground in Turkey. Seems they were buffeted by strong winds on March 26, 2008 were hard aground; later re-floated on the 29th. You can read more about this incident on Ship Happenz blog. In the mean time here is a brief news story on it. Passengers of cruise liner “Sky Wonder”…