Seaspan swallows another west coast player

March 3, 2012

Seaspan has once again opened up it’s wallet to beat the competition. This time, Van Isle Barge Service was acquired by Seaspan and rolled into it’s Seaspan Ferries Corporation portfolio. Van Isles Barge Service was operated by Peter Brown’s Sea Link Marine Services, and by all account was Seaspan Ferries main competition in the “drop trailer” freight ferry service to Vancouver Island. Seaspan spokesperson, Kelly Francis, stated that all the…


Engineers get vocal

March 29, 2011

Ship’s Engineers are generally not the boastful, talk for the talk sake types, so generally when a group of them speaks up, it is probably worth a listen. After all, marine engineers are major partners in the pursuit of a ship’s ability to perform safely, with optimum quality and efficiency. Today, the West Coast Ship’s Officer Association release a pointed press release, highlighting a simmering situation at BC Ferries, the…


The finance minister pulls the trigger

October 2, 2010

In twin announcements by high ranking Conservative Party types, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in Ontario, and Treasury Board President Stockwell Day in BC, the Canadian government granted the waiver of duties (tax) for imported ships over 129 meters long. This waiver has long been sought by Canadian shipowners, and has been seriously rumored for several years now. This means that “big ships” coming into the Canadian Register, will not be…


Good thing it was in Canada

July 27, 2010

Last week, BC Ferries proposed to settled a class action lawsuit, brought on by 40 survivors of the Queen of the North sinking. In a recent blog entry on the Staten Island Ferry, I made a comment that about $54 million dollars was paid out in claims, by the owners, as a result of that terrible accident, which took 11 lives. Taking a very non scientific formula of 1500 people…


Happy Birthday

June 15, 2010

It was fifty years ago, today, on a cold and stormy day, that BC Ferries first began service. Two vessels, the MV Sidney and MV Tsawassen, operated from the Tsawassen ferry terminal on the mainland (Vancouver) side, and the Swartz Bay Terminal, on Vancouver Island, near Sidney BC. The company reports that they ended the year turning a profit, and that was just the beginning. 50 years later, the company…


Criminal Negligence charges set sail

March 18, 2010

The RCMP has finally waffled into the Queen of the North accident, they say the mounties always get their man, but it puzzles me why it took so long to lay charges. BC Ferries’ Queen of the North sank on BC’s north coast over four years ago, taking two passengers down with it. Four years later, they decide to charge the officer of the watch, at the time of the…


Latest BCFC Fun?

October 28, 2009

Well, BCFC is always good for interesting headlines: sinking ships, ships going through marinas, cars falling off of ramps, generators burning up and now the latest: dropping their anchor while steaming. I’ll refrain on commenting on it because we all know that the newspaper never gets marine matters correct, usually because it is so technical. But still, having their anchor drop while steaming? But, their timing was impeccable, because it…


The fast fat lady is singing

August 24, 2009

Those of you that have followed the last few blog entries here might be incline to say – Seaspan, yet again! No no, I am not obsessed with them, its just that I wait till I have a few small news bits before making a blog entry worthwhile, but then I start digging information and realize that there is more there than I thought – and thus the numerous blog…