Old salts get online exposure

February 19, 2009

HTML clipboarThe National Film Board of Canada has recently put up much of its collection online, for all to access. This is a fantastic resource for all that is Canadian, but also an interesting look back at seafarers and technology in moving pictures. Most films are quite dated and specific maritime films are somewhat difficult to find, but within a few minutes I was looking at arctic exploration documentary, another…


Icy warm welcome

February 5, 2009

I do apologize for the lack of recent post. Several factors have conspire to keep me away from the hobby I love doing, about the job and the industry we all share some fondness for. As I grow older I find myself being responsible. What happened! One minute I was in the pub “having a pint with the mates” not a care in the world, the next I have three…


New ships are fine, need new attitude

January 10, 2009

No less than 41 engineering position are advertised on BC Ferries corporate website. In comparison, there is ten deck and four catering position similarly advertised. Obviously there is a major problem with the way the organization is approaching this dilemma. Regardless of what corporate says or the union does, their seems to be a glaring message sent from the engineering department of the corp. This major hurdle may be whats…


Shrimp trawler nets two, with cold feet

December 9, 2008

I glanced the news the other day; “plane makes mayday call, over water, near Baffin Island on Canada’s arctic coast, search under way”. My first reaction was that this was not going to be a happy ending, if even luck proved that there was indeed an ending to be found. Well I am very happy to be wrong! The two managed to land the plane they were flying, on an…


Deep dredging

November 25, 2008

Found this in the morning news, the article below is from CTV news. The company has no news releases posted online, but it seems that east coast conglomerate, JD Irving, has lost a dredge barge, spilling some diesel fuel. Well its a good thing this did not happen in BC, because the environmentalist would have a brick. They are still worked up about the fuel truck on a barge, that…


Silence over ruled in Supreme Court

November 8, 2008

The queen of the north accident has now firmly entered into the legal brawl stage. One of the first shots from the court rooms, from the Supreme Court of BC no less, comes in the form of support for a labour relations ruling, on whether or not the crew had the right to remain silent, on the events surrounding the grounding on Gill Island, and subsequent sinking, of the passenger…


Three crewmen jump ship, one found dead

October 14, 2008

The incident reported on in the article below, is a far to frequent occurrence in Canadian ports. Sadly. The Tokyo Marine branded chemical tanker was built in 1996 and this company’s ships are a common sight in the port of Vancouver. I hope the two other men who jumped from the Panamanian flagged MV Ginga Falcon are ok. The ship is operated by Tokyo Marine a division of Japan’s Mitsui…


A bit of BC on the Queen

October 13, 2008

BCIT’s first Marine Engineering student heads to New York to complete program aboard RMS Queen Mary 2 BURNABY, BC: For the first time ever, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Marine Engineering student Matthew Thomas will head to New York where he is scheduled to board Cunard Line’s world-renowned ocean-liner, RMS Queen Mary 2. As part of his third co-op work term at the BCIT Marine Campus (BMC), Matthew will…