Ship For Sale

February 28, 2009

Anyone want to buy a piece of junk…..err ship? A great project for a bored engineer, because I am sure it needs plenty of work. Only slight hull damage from playing chicken with a Coast Guard icebreaker. the designer black does effectively hid the rust and corrosion, so a viewing would be recommended to ensure you don’t fall thru the decks! The Cape Breton Post reports the federal government is…


SAR Report on the L’Acadien ll Sinking

December 22, 2008

A very damming report on where the Coast Guard has found itself 13 years after DFO merger. Communications, equipment problems beset rescue operation in capsizing — reportBy ALISON AULD The Canadian Press, 2008-12-21 Search and rescue operations during the fatal capsizing of a sealing boat last March were beset by communications problems and equipment failures, says a report into the incident off Nova Scotia. The Search and Rescue Operation Report…


Cap Blanc sinks

December 3, 2008

The french registered general cargo ship, Cap Blanc, has sunk while off the coast of Newfoundland, near Marystown, on its way to deliver road salt to the French islands of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Four mariners from the vessel remain missing, and a search and rescue operation led by the CCGS George R Pearkes is underway. You can read about the developments here from CTV and here from the CBC. IMO…


Fire guts ex-CG ship

October 12, 2008

Of course after I origianlly posted this, I attended a meeting with a member of Enviromental Respose, Canadian Coast Guard and he assures me that they are empowered to deal with these vessels and levy fines against the owners.I am more then relieved to find out that I was incorrect in my statements.And, the Ex-Tupper sits down there, very forlonly, there is not a window left in the superstructure. This…


GOC Cancels New Vessel Acquisitions

Late on Friday the Canadian Government released a bombshell that the Navy’s project to replace the aging supply ships has been cancelled. Also cancelled is the Coast Guard’s tender to build 12 midshore patrol vessels. This is fairly staggering news. Millions have been spent in the planning, design and the now aborted acquisition of the ships.Instead of buying, say one supply vessel and eight CG patrol vessels which would give…

August 23, 2008

Mighty cool show

August 14, 2008

I just finished catching the second half of Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ship. If you are in North America, I am pretty sure you can catch this new series on your local cable TV signal. In Canada its on Discovery Channel on Tuesday, 21:00 hrs – which I believe repeats every four hours after, for the duration of the day. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the show and…


Clubbing the Canadian Coast Guard

March 31, 2008

Image conscious Canadian Coast Guard is under quite a few spotlights these days. Theres is bound to be some discomfort at HQ after several incidents in the Maritimes (Eastern Canada) which has drawn media scrutiny, and even became the second topic discussed today in the house of commons’ Question Period. The Prime Minister stated that the accident would be investigated publicly, by no less that the Coast Guard, Dept of…


Icebreaker to the Aid!

It has been a many years since Marine Atlantic Ferries have not been able to get into Sydney due to ice !! NORTH SYDNEY — The Canadian Coast Guard has sent its largest icebreaker to rescue a passenger ferry that can’t enter Sydney Harbour due to high winds and chunks of ice.About 170 passengers spent Tuesday night aboard the MV Caribou, but a spokeswoman for Marine Atlantic said they were…

March 20, 2008