Icebreaker to the Aid!

It has been a many years since Marine Atlantic Ferries have not been able to get into Sydney due to ice !! NORTH SYDNEY — The Canadian Coast Guard has sent its largest icebreaker to rescue a passenger ferry that can’t enter Sydney Harbour due to high winds and chunks of ice.About 170 passengers spent Tuesday night aboard the MV Caribou, but a spokeswoman for Marine Atlantic said they were…

March 20, 2008

Ship building in Canada

January 3, 2008

What are we waiting for Peter Cairns, PresidentShipbuilding Association of CanadaJune 4, 2007 In an industry known for its boom and bust cycles, the forecast for Canadian newbuilding requirements over the next 15 years should be signalling the start of another boom cycle in the shipbuilding industry. Shipyard executives are generally upbeat as their yards are starting to fill up with newbuilding and repair work.Kiewit Offshore Services in Marystown, Nfld.,…


A Case of A Little Too Much New Years Eve?

In St. John’s, 2 ships go bump in the nightLast Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 11:38 AM NTCBC NewsA Canadian Coast Guard vessel was struck in St. John’s Harbour on New Year’s Day when a transport ship bumped into it. The 224-metre container ship Cabot slipped its moorings in the harbour and then drifted into the coast guard vessel. Crews manage to drop an anchor from the Cabot to stop…

January 2, 2008

Politics Warps CG Icebreakers’ Move

November 13, 2007

From the wilds of Cape Breton, Siver Donald Cameron weighs in on the heavy icebreakers move to Newfoundland from NS. Published: 2007-11-11 Chronical HeraldSILVER DONALD CAMERON SAMUEL JOHNSON was wrong. The last refuge of scoundrels is not patriotism, but “budget constraints.” When governments want to do something, they can always find the money. When they don’t want to act — or when they want to do something indefensible — they…


DFO / CG Mismanagement Whistle Blowing

The Louis engine makes the news again. I am sure the ships staff wishes the Newspaper would actually do some investigative work and find something else to put in their articles as an example of CG mismanagement. Ottawa to probe DFO mismanagement claim Official investigation may result in wake of allegations made by whistle-blower By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter A federal government insider has made allegations of gross mismanagement at…

October 5, 2007

More About SAR Exercise

‘It’s very perplexing’Ferry captain had no sign fumes were making people sickBy WITH LAURANORTH SYDNEY— The captain of the Marine Atlantic ferry involved in a dramatic search and rescue drill that went awry this week said Friday his crew had no indication there was a problem with fumes that sent dozens of people to hospital.Master Keith Hopkins said he only learned of Thursday’s incident after someone informed him that 21…

September 29, 2007