Most efficient 4 stroke engine, according to Guinness

August 31, 2016

The recently launched Wärtsilä 31 engine has achieved a Guinness World Records title for the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine. Guinness World Records is a universally recognized authority on record breaking achievement. This prestigious achievement was verified on May 26, 2015, and confirms Wärtsilä’s technology leadership position. The listing is based on the Wärtsilä 31 engine’s highest fuel efficiency levels, with its diesel fuel consumption being as low as 165…


Big iron lands in BC

July 18, 2013

BCIT’s new training centerpiece, a MAN 7L48/60 Medium Speed Diesel engine Fantastic news the other week. After nearly two years of behind the scenes interaction, one big announcement was made by BCIT and MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada; as matter of fact, its 119 tons of announcement. BCIT has received a large medium speed Diesel engine; an inline 7 cylinder 48/60 series with common rail fuel injection, the second largest…


Now, it’s official

June 13, 2012

From Maritime Propulsion As if we didn’t already know, or at least expected, the Globe and Mail reports on an international body recognition that Diesel exhaust does cause cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, held a meeting this week, in which they conclude that Diesel exhaust cause Cancer. I wonder how that’s going to impact us engineers working on ships, especially…


Danger, what danger

September 24, 2011

The beauty of working in the maritime field is that there is always something new to learn about. The other day I heard about the German Rescue Tug Nordic; so, nothing new here, its another tug, big deal, you might say. Well this one is pretty technologically advance, because of what it can do, in what situation. By now, we’ve learn to built some pretty powerful tugs that can operate…


Clash of the Titans

January 2, 2009

13,800 teu capacity MSC Daniela enters serviceCraig Eason, 23 December 2008 Lloyds List AS REPORTED in Lloyd’s List last week, Mediterranean Shipping Co has taken possession of its largest containership to date. The post-panamax MSC Daniela has the capacity to carry 13,800 teu. This is over 2,500 teu more than the published capacity of Emma Maersk, which gained so much attention when it was launched two years ago. MSC Daniela…


Norwegians get gassy

October 8, 2008

Norwegian based Sea Cargo, currently operating a fleet of 8 versatile ro-ro cargo ship in the North Sea since 2001, is believe to be the first company to ever order ships which will be solely fueled by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Four ships have been ordered, with an option for four more; of the four to be built, two of them to be LNG fueled the other two with standard…


Not running out of steam yet

February 7, 2008

Mitsubishi steams into fight with diesel electricDavid Tinsley, 29 January 2008 Lloyds List JAPANESE engine maker, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has redesigned its steam turbines to provide more efficiency as it fights against diesel electric in the LNG sector, writes David Tinsley. Reliability, easy maintenance and use, along with the possibility of a steam turbine installation to easily use cargo boil-off, ensured that LNG carrier propulsion remained almost entirely a steam…


Dr. Diesel would be proud…

Came across this little bit of press release regarding the two biggest names in the Diesel engine business working together, along with many other well know partners, on improving efficiency of the prime mover in an environmental positive way. Here is the project’s website, and below is the press release from Wartsila. Interesting project. ————————Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade & Technical Press release, 6 September 2007 Multinational team led by Wärtsilä and…

October 20, 2007