An Introduction to Marine Lubricants

May 11, 2017

10% pre-publication discount – offer ends 31 May 2017 An Introduction to Marine Lubricants  By Nigel Draffin ISBN: 978-1-908663-27-6 Price: £45.00 Publication date: June 2017 An Introduction to Marine Lubricants has been written by industry expert Nigel Draffin to shed light on marine lubricants and greases, a sector of the maritime industry that may be well understood by petroleum engineers and other specialists but for many remains highly complex and poorly-understood….


Davie is Goliath – for now

August 17, 2014

Davie’s recently launched Cecon Pride The past twist and turns, ups and downs, of Davie Shipyard in Quebec City are legendary and certainly worthy of its own book. However, the yard is actually on what appears to be, quite a rebound.  The yard, established 192 years ago, was re-launch in 2012 after a tumultuous decade of financial woes. The revival is steered by a new management team supplied by European…


NA ECA: well, maybe

July 29, 2012

“proud to be stuck in 70’s” Transport Canada, last week, declared that they will not be be enforcing the North American Emission Control Area (NA ECA), which stipulated burning a lower sulphur fuel for ships, and which comes into force next week – August 1, 2012. The whole idea of the ECA is to reduce pollution and the impacts it has on human and planetary health. ” Due to significant…


Users and dealers

August 16, 2011

Lately we’ve been seeing quite a few reports of incidents caused by improper switching of fuel when entering Emission Control Areas (ECA), which a new one seems to be popping up just about every week now. Mechanical issues are obviously a problem that will come up more frequently, when you are making these types of far reaching decisions. There is bound to be some equipment and people that are not…


A new Legacy continues

December 16, 2009

I saw this little bit of “news” the other day. Chevron Canada is replacing its venerable fuel dock in Coal Harbour with a new one. There isn’t too many towboaters on the coast who have not the had to stop, and pick up some half million liters (or so), of diesel, from Ron Graham’s Chevron Fuel Dock, sitting, lonely, between Stanley Park and the tall buildings of the downtown core….


Norwegians get gassy

October 8, 2008

Norwegian based Sea Cargo, currently operating a fleet of 8 versatile ro-ro cargo ship in the North Sea since 2001, is believe to be the first company to ever order ships which will be solely fueled by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Four ships have been ordered, with an option for four more; of the four to be built, two of them to be LNG fueled the other two with standard…


Whats red and white, and glows in the dark

April 15, 2008

Answer – A Russian Arktika Class Icebreaker working in the Arctic. Mike Hood, of Lloyds List writes the interesting article, below, on the latest nuclear powered Arktika Class Russian icebreaker, operated by experienced Arctic ice navigators, Murmansk Shipping Company. Check out the videos of sea trials, (on the right) from YouTube, of this impressive ship. Specifications of 50 Let Pobedy (English – 50th anniversary of Victory)Builder: Baltic Works, Leningrad, USSR/Saint…


Royal Caribbean news

March 4, 2008

Aker Yards denies rumours of delays in Genesis cruise projectsCraig Eason, 19 February 2008 Lloyds List BELEAGUERED Nordic shipbuilder Aker Yards has denied reports that its cruiseship projects are behind schedule, in particular the prestigious and lucrative Genesis vessels whose late delivery would trigger millions of euros in late payment fees, writes Craig Eason. Royal Caribbean Cruises commissioned the two ships, agreeing to a record €900m ($1.32bn) for the first…