March 22, 2020

The maritime world is going into deep shock! The fact that most seafarers are toiling out of sight makes them particularly vulnerable, more so in this time without precedent. Book ended by the brutal Saudi Arabia – Russia oil price war, and the COVID19 pandemic and its economical impacts, professional seafarers are going to find themselves considerably challenged in the near future. In my view, the disastrous response by the…


Asbestos Exposure among Navy Veterans

February 2, 2020

Veterans Day is a day for remembering the sacrifices of those who have served the United States, their families, and those who paid the ultimate price in war. At Environmental Litigation Group we offer compassionate and comprehensive services to aid veterans and their family members. We should take a moment to remember some of the less obvious risks men in uniform were confronted with during their service, and not only…


A pain in my… arm

May 14, 2017

We were in a maintenance period at the company’s dock in Quebec City, doing a fair bit of heavy stuff, things were moving fast and the pieces were big.  The pain started just before ten in the morning, in my right elbow, not quite at the tip, but very near it; I could feel the exact spot where the pain emanated from, deep within my arm, in the bone almost,…