Whales in a war

June 21, 2009

A review of TV show Whale Wars: Season One Generally seafarers and “tree huggers” are usually on opposite sides of the social spectrum. One usually being a lofty idealist, and the other being a pragmatic realist. To see the both come together, as they do in the television show Whale Wars, is a bit of a guilty pleasure. As I write this, I am at sea and hear that Whale…


Swine flu goes to sea

May 28, 2009

The business boon that coastal Western Canada has been enjoying of late, is coming to an end. Since the end of April, major cruise operators, RCCL and Carnival, have diverted several ships from Mexican ports to BC ports amid the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak, centered in the Mexico City region. Mariner of the Seas, (the bridge pictured to the right) one of the largest passenger vessels in the world, call…


Respite care for ship owners

March 6, 2009

Empty Ships Flock to Subic Bay as Lines Battle Plunging RatesBy Wendy Leung and Francisco Alcuaz Jr., March 5 (Bloomberg) Subic Bay in the Philippines is the busiest it’s been since the U.S. Navy moved out 16 years ago. The traffic surge is coming from ships all carrying the same cargo — nothing. Last week, 19 vessels were anchored in the mountain-lined bay awaiting charters near an empty container terminal….


Old salts get online exposure

February 19, 2009

HTML clipboarThe National Film Board of Canada has recently put up much of its collection online, for all to access. This is a fantastic resource for all that is Canadian, but also an interesting look back at seafarers and technology in moving pictures. Most films are quite dated and specific maritime films are somewhat difficult to find, but within a few minutes I was looking at arctic exploration documentary, another…


New ships are fine, need new attitude

January 10, 2009

No less than 41 engineering position are advertised on BC Ferries corporate website. In comparison, there is ten deck and four catering position similarly advertised. Obviously there is a major problem with the way the organization is approaching this dilemma. Regardless of what corporate says or the union does, their seems to be a glaring message sent from the engineering department of the corp. This major hurdle may be whats…


SAR Report on the L’Acadien ll Sinking

December 22, 2008

A very damming report on where the Coast Guard has found itself 13 years after DFO merger. Communications, equipment problems beset rescue operation in capsizing — reportBy ALISON AULD The Canadian Press, 2008-12-21 Search and rescue operations during the fatal capsizing of a sealing boat last March were beset by communications problems and equipment failures, says a report into the incident off Nova Scotia. The Search and Rescue Operation Report…


Shrimp trawler nets two, with cold feet

December 9, 2008

I glanced the news the other day; “plane makes mayday call, over water, near Baffin Island on Canada’s arctic coast, search under way”. My first reaction was that this was not going to be a happy ending, if even luck proved that there was indeed an ending to be found. Well I am very happy to be wrong! The two managed to land the plane they were flying, on an…


Solidarity needed

December 1, 2008

The tanker Hebei Spirit was holed while at anchor in South Korean, by a wayward crane barge in strong winds. The accident resulted in the tanker spilling crude oil, a third the size of the Exxon Valdez, which contaminated the Korean coastline. The two senior deck officers on the VLCC at the time, Capt and Chief Mate, remain in Korea unable to go free, despite several inquiries clearing them of…