Running to sea

March 13, 2012

Greece’s finance minister The Eurozone debt crisis continues to rage on with no real end in sight. Wholesale disposal of a raft of people’s way of life, by god know’s what, but it sure does not seem to be for the greater good of the general population, that’s for sure. I see it as wholesale theft of a country by some “good with numbers” predatory leeches, who have no moral…


Marky Mark in a box

February 5, 2012

Went to see Contraband last night. Even with the possibility that my wife would feed me to the fishes, for the thought of spending one night with Mr. MM, I think he’s done some good work, in the past… but Contraband is not some of his good work. 50% of the movie Contraband occurs on a container ship – yup, a real life big cargo ship, painted with a MSQ…


NASA miscalculations

January 28, 2012

Ok, this does not really restore my faith in rocket scientists… Picture by AP There is obviously more to the story here, than just a ship hitting a bridge; come on look at the thing, who the hell thought that would fit under the that bridge. Maybe they were not ballasted enough, but even that, must be a nerve racking tight fit. More pictures here. The Delta Mariner carries rocket…


Slipping into lifeboats

January 23, 2012

One day into my wife and I’s first vacation in 8 years, and some foolish act results in one of the latest, and largest passenger ships to partially sinks. Having work on cruise ships for four years and like most professionals mariners, I was captivated and stunned. How could have this happened? Needless to say my wife was probably a little annoyed for my thirst of consuming what little news…


Marine Engineers = Good earners

December 12, 2011

Earlier this year, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce published a study called “What’s it worth? The economic value of college majors”.  It’s a US based study, but probably relates fairly well across to Canada, and some other countries. The thing that caught my engineering eye in this study, was that Marine Engineering / Naval Architecture was listed in the top ten for earnings. Listed below, are the…


George Bush is full of shi$%

December 4, 2011

Some days, I have to do allot of mental exercise, coming up with a catchy title to my posts. But hey, this one was probably the easiest I’ve ever had to come up with. Anyways, I came across an interesting article the other day; quite comical really. In my experience working on cruise ships, I estimate we had well over 2000 toilets, and very few problems. But only as long…


Mate still in Jail

November 29, 2011

You might recall a blog entry here, a few months back, and beyond, telling a story about a Ship’s Mate, Philip Halliday. The Digby, Nova Scotia, man was working aboard the Destiny Empress (ex CCGS Parizeau), when the ship was apprehended by the Spanish navy, while at sea in international waters.   Once the ship was searched by authorities, a large quantity of cocaine was found aboard, stashed there by…


Cheap on the bottom line, expensive in lives

November 8, 2011

Beware of cheap, and too good to be true replacement parts and servicing. Yet again, it appears counterfeit material has made their way into the shipping industry, this time in the refrigerant used during servicing of shipping containers in Vietnam. The refrigerant reacted in the system making it combust spontaneously in the presence of air. This type of story is nothing new to those aboard, but is has been slowly…