Heros, ghost ship and Asbestos

October 16, 2009

When I started Martin’s Marine Engineering Page – www.dieselduck.net in what will be ten year ago next month, there wasn’t any real sources of information online – real maritime content. I use to laugh at myself when “the best marine website” where nothing more than a series of links to other website which just listed more links to the same marine websites. That’s why I was never a really big…


Another Fishing Boat Lost

On the East Coast another FV has suddenly sank, only two lives were lost this time. Two too many. In this day and age of safety and regulations that all professional mariners live by, it amazes me that this segment of the marine industry seems to slide below the radar. It is the same old story: Fatal sinking probe looks at load rules By MICHAEL TUTTON The Canadian Press The…

September 17, 2009

Shipyards get into shape

From today’s Halifax Chronicle Herald.There is nothing added that is new, but does talk about the proposed new way of building government ships in Canada. For all of the men and woman that are babying the senior citizens of the government fleet along, this is all good news that there will be new ships. Federal funding will see workers through to 2017 By TOM PETERS, Business Reporter, Halifax Chronicle Herald…

September 12, 2009

VicShip moves ahead, 47 feet at a time

September 1, 2009

Victoria Shipyards got the nod to build more “47 footers” for the Canadian Coast Guard. Below is the article from the local paper. Vic Ship has already built the majority of the 47 MLB (Motor Life Boat) in use now, the initial set of seven, were built by Metal Craft, in Ontario. The design was heavily borrowed from the USCG, the biggest difference is Caterpillar engine for the CCG while…


The fast fat lady is singing

August 24, 2009

Those of you that have followed the last few blog entries here might be incline to say – Seaspan, yet again! No no, I am not obsessed with them, its just that I wait till I have a few small news bits before making a blog entry worthwhile, but then I start digging information and realize that there is more there than I thought – and thus the numerous blog…


A few tons here, a few tons there

August 18, 2009

Some long time followers of The Monitor, might remember a little blurb quite a few years back, on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s plans to install a Wartsila 12V46 auxiliary engine on their Radiance Class ships. These ships were solely powered by two gas turbines when they came out of the Meyer Werft yard in the early 2000’s, making them environmentally friendly and ahead of their time, but unfortunately, not very…


Advanced vessel going to work for Portland, Maine

July 4, 2009

One of my favorite companies to deal with is located in Meteghan River. They do mainly American business due to the difference in the dollar. It is great to see that they are getting this attention for their work. N.S.-built fire boat heads south By BRIAN MEDEL Yarmouth Bureau METEGHAN RIVER — One of the most advanced firefighting boats in the world was launched this week from a Nova Scotia…


Reality Sea

June 24, 2009

Review of TV program, The Merchant Navy The Merchant Navy is a quasi recruitment film / reality television program that hit the airwaves in the UK in late 2008. Produced by Scottish Television and sponsored by Careersatsea.org, The show follows the daily operations of professional seafarers, generally new recruits, aboard various types of UK registered ships. In the first three episodes, the cameras follow three maritime college cadets, of varying…