Oh sure, why not ! Anybody else…

August 18, 2013

I partly attribute my loss of a good job, and those of my 20 shipmates last year, to the ability of cargo owners to be quickly granted Canada Transportation Act waiver – where foreign owned ships, who pay no Canadian income tax (among others), hire no Canadians, yet operate in Canadian waters, or between Canadian ports. As a guy who’s invested pretty heavily in a seagoing Marine Engineering career, and…


“The envelope please…”

October 20, 2011

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this past day, you are surely aware that the Canadian government has announced the results of their search for two Canadian shipyard to build major vessels, military and civilian (Coast Guard), for the Canadian government. The Conservative government in June 2010 announced a strategy to get much needed shipbuilding underway under the auspice of the National Ship Procurement Strategy (NSPS). The military “work…


Another Yard Gone

June 17, 2010

Another shipyard is being turned into condos with an expensive view of a harbour front, following the trend across Canada that is seeing our ship repair business dwindling to a few survivors. Dartmouth Marine Slips started business in 1890, though a marine shipyard was located at Dartmouth Cove beginning in 1830. I found the aerial photo, below, online, which shows the yard in the 50s. I joined my first ship…


Deep dredging

November 25, 2008

Found this in the morning news, the article below is from CTV news. The company has no news releases posted online, but it seems that east coast conglomerate, JD Irving, has lost a dredge barge, spilling some diesel fuel. Well its a good thing this did not happen in BC, because the environmentalist would have a brick. They are still worked up about the fuel truck on a barge, that…


Lots of new cruisers out there

February 7, 2008

With the US market maturing, its amazing to see so many new builds being delivered this year. The trend seems to expand into untapped markets. Royal Caribbean is “home porting” ships all over the globe. The Vision is going in South America, Rhapsody in Asia, and a whack in Europe, including a Freedom class boat in the UK. I am theorizing them building a non US income stream to pay…


Whale in the News

When a barge named ATL 2701 makes its ungainly way into the Port of Toronto early next week, it is unlikely to make any more waves than the average freighter would.Had the 82-metre vessel kept its original name, Irving Whale, it might be a different story. To the casual eye, the ATL 2701 will carry nothing more than a massive set of pipes and racks bound for the much-debated Portlands…

December 11, 2007