40th Anniversary of the HMCS Kootenay Explosion

October 24, 2009

In Halifax today, the Navy is commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Canadian destroyer HMCS Kootenay engineroom explosion, killing 9 men and injuring 53. The subsequent fire was hot enough to melt the aluminum stairs and railings. Smoke and flames blocked access to the firefighting equipment and equipment sent from the HMCS Bonaventure was used to fight the fire. The cause of the explosion was a bearing installed backwards in…


Freedom is an ugly thing

September 6, 2009

I have had these pictures of the United States Navy new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Freedom, kicking around my “project” box for quite some time. I just had a quick comment, well actually quite few when I think about it, on the design of the vessel. Aside for the “America, Fu&^%$ Yeah” type of name, which I must say is quite “been there, done that”, its has to be one…


Coasties on the move

August 14, 2009

Usually I don’t write much about the US Coast Guard, but lately they have been releasing press releases with some interesting tidbits. As a matter of fact I must say, I caved in since I usually don’t give much exposure to military matters, as they get plenty of exposure elsewhere. They have a very well refined PR machine, with blogs twitter feeds and lots of exposure, so its hard not…


Aooopps, Huh, I meant AOPS

May 24, 2009

I just came across some pictures of the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship being designed by STX Canada, for the Canadian Navy. I made a small blurb about it in a post last month. I forgot I had these pictures, and though some of you may be interested. The design is nearly finalize, but Dan Greer, of STX, mentions that the pods, clearly visible in the picture below, will not…


Joint CIMarE – SNAME all day event

April 28, 2009

It only happens once a year or so, but it is always well worth it and well attended. What is it ? Its the joint meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineer (SNAME)- Northwest Branch and the Vancouver Island Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers (CIMarE). The full day of interesting discussion held this past weekend in Victoria BC, was topped off with a guided…


Spotlight on piracy

April 15, 2009

Well I must say, what an exciting week it has been on the international maritime scene. Aside from being on the ship and as sick as a dog, I was spellbound with all the latest news on the Maersk Alabama. It was bit hard to decipher facts from fiction and over dramatization, but for the most part I think the story was pretty well relayed in the media, considering the…


Ares’ end in Brownsville

May 11, 2008

When you think of ship breaking, you usually think of Alang in India, or Bangladesh, but I came across this neat article the other day which made me learn something new. Read on… Shipbreakers paying for shot at government shipsBy CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN Associated Press Writer, May 11, 2008 BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The air tastes like pennies at this gritty port at the southern tip of Texas, where ships’ final voyages…


Scientists target ships’ rock ’n’ roll

Navy Sailors will be happy about this!!! Unwanted vessel motion causes more problems than seasicknessBy CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter Seasick sailors rejoice. Defence scientists are looking for a way to reduce the amount warships roll by half. “One of the aims is to increase crew comfort because ship motions have several effects on humans,” said Kevin McTaggart, an engineer with Defence Research and Development Canada. “The one that a lot…

January 18, 2008